Can you connect with your audience?

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Can you connect with your audience?

Storytelling is not a new concept but with the explosion of social media and content marketing the strategy of telling a story as an element for direct and indirect marketing has become a strategic opportunity.

Traditionally, emotion is not something we look for in business – we are taught to be effective, efficient and result-oriented. However, what leads us to try to accomplish our goals always starts with a story that has a meaning to our brand, our company and our clients.

So, how can we create a connection with the public through storytelling?

The first step before launching your campaign is to ask yourself and your team if the campaign passes the test of “Why should I care about this?”. Does your campaign create an impact and make the audience talk about it with their friends and acquaintances? If they do, you’re in the right path. A lot of the content that is developed for this purpose is predictable, if not boring. Does your story surprise you? Storytelling is not a conventional ad or a sales slogan.

Boring stories don’t attract or retain the viewer’s attention, but those who integrate a unique personality do. It becomes necessary to know if your story has a universal appeal. The content needs to resonate with your customers. Create characters that the audience will support. It’s not necessary to create a mascot to tell your story – tell it from the employees’ perspective or from somebody outside your company’s inner circle. The relevance is in creating characters that can be capable of establishing an emotional connection with the audience.

Create a story that obeys the standardized structure “beginning, middle and ending”. You need a strong opening, where you can set the context and characters of your story. The “middle” should be used to explain your characters problem and the conflicts faced before finding a solution. This is your character narrative and you should take your public on this journey. If they enjoy it, they will keep loyal to the story and share it.

In spite of needing a “beginning, middle and ending” don’t give it all away. Promote the audience’s curiosity; make them want to know more so they continue to follow the brand. Offer your clients the possibility to choose how they want to interact with the brand – give them several opportunities to appreciate the story of your brand and its offer and be ready to convey powerful and impactful stories.

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