Do you know how to tell a relevant story?

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Do you know how to tell a relevant story?

When confronted with the harsh economic situation that was been felt worldwide, and in Portugal specially, the most common reaction of brands was one of concern. Reducing costs in order to “survive” the crisis and the expectations regarding the future to come have become two of the most important forces to guide the performance of most companies.

This attempt at precaution, as natural as it may seem, also meant that communication was pushed out of the spotlight. “First we must survive, and then we talk about it” – was a commonly heard sentence, over and over again.

The challenge is now to convey the idea that communicating effectively and searching for an increase of the company’s notoriety can be possible while being prudent when it is time to invest. More than spending money and waiting for that to be more than enough, you have to invest smartly in communication tools.

This is what a lot of marketers can’t seem to understand: we can invest in advertising, events and public relations campaigns but the essential message will only reach the consumer/client if it is truly relevant. It doesn’t matter if we think that what we have to say is important, only the public can dictate if the subject is sexy enough to be noticed or relevant for the market to assimilate it.

Never like today has the ability to tell a good history had such a determinant role, where only the more dynamic organizations are in a favorable position for dominating their own story. A well defined narrative can transform threats into opportunities and failure into an unexpected success.

When “crisis”, “recovery” and “entrepreneurship” are the most often repeated words in the media, stories of success and persistence gain a more significant outline. You may consider your story a common one but don’t overlook the possibilities you can make out of it. Keep in mind that we all buy stories and we all are storytellers. You just need to find someone that helps you sell yours. That effort must be done now.


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