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PR in the web

In a time of economic crisis, during which budgets are limited but “cost free” resources are varied, we are faced with the growth of an unusual area – the web PR.

Despite the current juncture, the choice of this kind of services has been growing mainly due to their reduced cost and their potential impact. Obviously this is not a generalized tendency, but its growth over the last three years is undeniable, particularly impelled by the Internet and the social networks phenomenon. In Say U Consulting, this area suffered an increase of 30% over the last year.

This tool allows for a strong level of interaction and construction of a relationship between the public and the brands, with its value growing proportionally if a complementary effect in word-of-mouth marketing and bloggers’ support is achieved.

Despite we work towards the goal of reaching the public in an effective way and with a positive impact it may become necessary to manage crisis in the network itself. In order to minimize these situations we suggest creating a message that is Brief – immediate so as not to generate an impact and buzz surrounding the lack of response concerning a corporate situation; Neutral – in a negative situation the content should not be ironic or a personal critique. At the same time, there must always be an Answer – one should never conceal or delete a certain commentary because the buzz thus created can be bigger than the one achieved with the deleted text. These situations of online management can be problematic, since profiles may be open to the public, allowing anyone to publish whatever one wants and whenever one wants it.

A lesson should be clear in this text: if you cannot manage your company’s or brand’s online presence in a professional and careful manner, seek out these services in specialized professionals. The damage is greater in being present in the wrong way, than in not being present at all.

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