How We Work

Digital Ready DocumentEach EVOKE PR partner is an independent agency or consultant, offering project based work or a systematic approach to a customer’s marketing communications needs.

Clients range from small but highly successful SMEs, to large global corporations.  Quite often, in the necessary and inevitable harmonisation process that may be required by a large international organisation, the need to communicate with a local audience gets neglected.

All the EVOKE PR Network partners are adept at tailoring a global corporate message, ensuring that news is presented in an appropriate format for the channel and language they are aimed at.

In today’s 24/7 world, Partners ensure that your message is optimised for digital distribution, including social media.  This may necessitate re-editing items, rather than just simply re-distributing them, but if your company is interested in achieving maximum visibility, then this is the only possible option.

Our goal

EVOKE PR Networks’ aim is creating long lasting partnerships with clients, ensuring that PR and marketing communications objectives are met, or exceeded.  We bring you global knowledge, at local level and at affordable prices for your organisation.