Evoke Network partners specialise in B2B (business to business) communications, with a slant towards energy, science, environment, technology, engineering, medical, food and precision manufacturing.

We feel it is important we focus on what may at first glance appear to be a small slice of the B2B sector as this keeps us highly focussed and aware that we have to work closely with our customers and be fully knowledgeable of the markets in which we operate.

Global manufacturers experience a variety of challenges in the new economic climate.  Evoke Network partners are experienced at providing a unique and innovative solution to meet the demands of new and emerging markets.




Evoke Networks’ copywriters can transform dry technical information into news items that are relevant to your customers and prospects, across the world.  We never forget people have a choice and we tailor your message so that it is accurately targeted and customised.   At international level we don’t just take into account languages but cultural nuances too, ensuring the broadest possible distribution and take up of your news items and marketing collateral.

If you are an innovator at the cutting edge of science technology, we are sure to be able to help you and we are eager to help you.