Grupo Albión

A different, independent and creative 360º communications consultancy.

We have been working in Spain and Portugal since 1991, applying intelligence and strategic thought to even the smallest details. Our team, which is significantly international in experience and character, delivers the results that make the difference.


Our Philosophy

  • to expand and deepen our knowledge of clients and their environment, in order to be a true strategic partner
  • to strive for perfection and transparency in our work
  • to enjoy what we do

Our Assets

  • experience, talent and accumulated knowledge
  • a tenaciously professional team
  • a multicultural and multilingual aptitude combined with an in-depth knowledge of Spain
  • a relaxed work environment

All of these factors shape our reputation, which is always put at the service of our clients.

Our Mission

To be considered loyal and stable partners by everyone we work with.

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