Origin, LLC was founded in 2005 as a full service agency with the concept of doing great work for a handful of great clients. We do not aspire to be a big agency – everybody here has been there and done that. Now it’s all about the work.

We’re more B2B than consumer, but that swings back and forth depending on what’s going on week to week.  We’re general practitioners; we don’t specialize in healthcare, senior living, hi-tech or financial. We believe that it’s all about great ideas and our people don’t just have great ideas about ketchup.

We believe that great brands make life better. And we believe that there are a lot of great brands that haven’t become great yet because the right message hasn’t gotten through to the right people. That’s what we do. Strategic brand development and positioning. Communications that build a client’s image and introduce their company to the right people in the right way at the right time.



Public Relations

Because our involvement with clients generally extends beyond just a PR assignment, we often have the ability to help craft the brand positioning and message. This process also involves development of a communications plan which includes targeted media influences and key tactics for message dissemination.


Press releases, feature story development and placement, event conceptualization and implementation, media skills training, media relations, trade show coordination, social media strategic planning and execution

Brand Development & Positioning

Whether it’s re-positioning one of America’s oldest brands, as we did with Smith Brothers Cough Drops, or developing a new brand for a new company, Origin excels at creating memorable brand identities that incorporate the unique attributes and benefits of an organization, it’s products and services.


Brand strategy consulting, Graphic Identity design, Brand Standards development, packaging design, communications program design and implementation

Advertising, Media Planning & Placement, Direct Marketing

When the product or service is ready for the market, when the brand is properly positioned and packaged, a great advertising campaign can take a company to the next level. Origin believes in the power of ideas – for broadcast, print, online media or direct campaigns – it’s all about the right idea communicated in the right way to the right people at the right time. Determining the specifics of all those “rights” is what we do.

We provide other services as well, such as Web & Interactive Development, and collateral development of print and interactive items such as annual reports. For a more comprehensive overview of Origin’s capabilities-

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