Be a Leader, even in a downturn

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Be a Leader, even in a downturn

It’s easy to feel despondent and negative in a recession when all we hear on TV and radio is gloom and doom, coupled by a worrying decrease in our businesses bank balances and the reluctance of our customers to part with resources for projects that had usually been deemed as routine.

However, even at times of perceived hardship like the current ones, savvy businesses can reap rewards and – with a little vision, organisation and discipline – opportunities are still there for growth.  After not all the world is stagnating.  The so called BRICs nations are booming and even in the old world there are businesses that have seen their profits double or treble (and we are not talking banks or financial institutions here!).

So what is the secret?  Well, members of the EVOKE PR Network have put their thinking caps on and have come up with a Whitepaper on business leadership in a recession which can be downloaded for free from this site.  The paper has been put together with the aid of external consultants from organisations working in CSR, as well as leading contributors for the Institute of Marketing – it is time for you to ‘Be a Leader’.

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