Be A Leader In An Economic Downturn

At times of economic downturn when most large organisations feel the pinch and reduce their budgets SMEs are better placed to respond to the challenge and expand their markets.

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Here are some excerpts from this White Paper:

…According to research carried out by marketing companies in the USA, large corporations have slashed their communication budgets in the recession.  There are indications that a similar trend has also occurred elsewhere.  Marketing and Communications disciplines, in businesses predominantly…

…At the very least you should expect what we call a SOSTAC approach. The acronym stands for Situation, Objective, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Controls. This is a self-explanatory process, yet often these plans sadly stop at SOST, or progress to SOSTA, never reaching the all essential final ‘C’ of Controls…

…Before we get into the minutiae of communicating effectively at times of downturn we will highlight a number of areas where we believe opportunities for economic growth still exist…

Including topics:

  • Toolbox for success
  • Maximise returns for the appropriate channels
  • Synergistic effects should not be underestimated
  • Where growth still occurs
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