Creating the News

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Creating the News

Any organisation knows that keeping its name consistently on the minds of journalists and editors is an integral component of gaining meaningful media placements.

So what happens when an organisation isn’t releasing a new product or service or holding an event?

It’s quite simple really – the news must be created!

An effective way in which this can be done is through research, survey results and statistics.

This data can provide an ideal media story and a way to keep your brand exposed. Whether it’s target or product related, the research results should be newsworthy and relevant to your target audience. Your organisation may already have relevant research on hand that could be utilised, or alternatively, consider creating a survey to get the angle you want.

In determining what research is required consider the following:

  • What information would appeal to the target audience?
  • What results would be of newsworthy value to the media?
  • What actions will result from the survey?
  • What information could assist in changing the way you market your product or service?

Releasing research results to the media can position your brand or organisation as an industry or market leader and help you to capture a larger share of voice in the market.


The most commonly used research technique is the survey.  You can commission a specialist market research agency to do this.  Alternatively, if you have a limited budget, it is possible to conduct surveys in-house. Either way, it is possible to create your questionnaire and distribute it via email, twitter or other social networks. Use internal database for clients and customers. Online survey software, such as Survey Monkey, makes it a relatively easy task to generate a survey.

It is important to remember however, that if you are conducting your survey in-house, some top media outlets will have less confidence in your findings and may decide not to use them.  Some publications will only use research if it has been managed by an independent research company.

What’s Next?

Once you have your data, you should consider creating a report which presents the information and the conclusions in a professional, easy to digest manner, such as PDF’s. Include charts and diagrams if possible.

The key findings should be generated into a straight to the point media release which is the prime tool for approaching the media. Include the most exciting finding in the headline or opening sentence.

Another idea is to share the findings on social media websites and encourage people to visit the organisation website.

As well as providing an opportunity to create publicity, the results you achieve can also impact the strategic direction or marketing initiatives for your product or service.

If you need guidance with your market research, feel free to contact Marketing Elements.

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