Four wheels luxury on Facebook in Poland

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Four wheels luxury on Facebook in Poland

Luxury cars_infographicAccording to Credit Suisse, the number of Poles who have liquid assets worth at least 1 billion dollars in 2014 amounted to over 50 thousand. However, according to the KPMG report in 2015, the luxury goods market in Poland was worth PLN 14.3 billion. That’s roughly 13% more than last year. The biggest slice of this luxury cake is the automotive market, especially the luxury and the premium car segment.

Luxury and social media

Fashion brands have long understood that social media is not only a tool for communicating with their customers, but also an instrument to help to build their image. Eye-catching images on Instagram or materials on Facebook create both a vision of the brand which people aspire to, and also one of success. However, is that also the case amongst car brands?

We examined the Facebook profiles of 9 luxury automotive brands available in Poland: Bentley, Arrinera Hussars, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus, Maserati, Jaguar and Aston Martin. Not all of these brands carry the profiles in Polish.

According to data provided by an analytical tool Sotrender, the average number of fans for car brands in Poland is 310 990. Globally, the average number of fans just for luxury car brands on Facebook is 6 520 698, whereas in Poland, only 34 850. Comparing only the dependence on the Polish market, fans of the luxury car industry only account 11% of the total, but the differences cease to be concerning if we consider that luxury brands are not for the mass market and this exclusivity makes them unique.

How luxury talks

These brands most often communicate using emotions, mostly photos, videos, and less often links. In this way, they not only communicate with the clients, but most of all, build extraordinary stories that arouse their desire. The most engaging posts are those showing new car models, with striking images of cars driving in a unique setting. Luxury cars not only emphasize the uniqueness of aesthetic or performance, but also date back to the story, which only highlights their incredible value.

Despite the positives, luxury car brands aren’t completely perfect when it comes to communication on Facebook in Poland. The most common sin of brands is irregular posting, low responsiveness to comments from fans, or incomplete data. However, given the fact that this happens almost to all profiles in this segment, you suspect that this is due to the need to build the aura of inaccessibility and emphasize exclusivity.

Summing up the luxury car sector is present on Facebook, but the communication of these brands could be improved and much more efficient. This however doesn’t change the fact that their presence demonstrates the interest in the Polish market that aspires to the luxury car brand image.

In the next article we will examine the market for another strong medium – Instagram.


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