Multi-Channel Delivery

Technical Writing

Written communication is at the heart of B2B operations.  Clients working in energy, science, engineering or heavily regulated industry, demand accuracy and precision. Evoke Network partners provide copy writing skills that are second to none, reflecting different corporate styles, yet accurately targeted to the audience in question. We are also adept at converting the message so that it can address a specific audience over a  technical forum, or a blog, in fact across the entire spectrum of communications.

Evoke Network partners have in place stringent processes to check all copy accurately, adapting your message to take into account the cultural nuances of the region in which it is distributed.

We help our clients build a solid brand and corporate identity, differentiating them from their competitors and generating new business opportunities.


Directly or through a route of preferred suppliers, Evoke Network partners are able to offer you the latest in graphic design, for printed output that is second to none.  If you have well laid out corporate communication rules, we can work within these guidelines, ensuring your message is in-keeping with your house style, yet retaining maximum impact.

Social Media and more

The world of communication keeps evolving and we can’t just rely on conventional media channels.  Your message needs to be adapted to meet these new challenges and Evoke Network can help you selecting the appropriate channel for your message.  We analyse your audience and recommend a strategy.  We can monitor your Twitter feeds, explore blogging channels, push appropriately converted material, control multiple platforms and help you with the production of well made videos for online upload.  As part of our range of services we offer you a Social Media Health Care too.