Ormiston Wire turbulators boost heat exchange efficiency

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Ormiston Wire turbulators boost heat exchange efficiency

Ormiston Wire has launched a range of wire turbulators for heat exchanger tubes that significantly cut the cost and size of exchangers while also improving performance.  These benefits are achieved through the specialist looped-spiral design devised by Ormiston Wire, which has a depth of expertise in heat exchange technology and has manufactured wire turbulators since 1968.

The key to these enhancements is the density of the wire turbulators, which can be varied to suit the flow of liquid or gas.  Because optimising the density maximises excitement and heat transfer coefficient with a minimum loss of pressure, system designers can reduce the length, diameter and/or number of tubes required per unit, while flow pumps can also be kept to a minimum size.  These savings in cost and component size, coupled with the specialist looped-spiral design, enable greater efficiency and enhanced performance.

Ormiston’s Wire Turbulators can be supplied in a range of metals to suit the application, with current production runs including galvanized mild steel, stainless steel, copper and monel metal.  Components are also available in a range of sizes; turbulators can be supplied at lengths from 15cm up to 3 metres and these can be easily connected to achieve longer lengths, while diameter can be varied to suit any tube from 6.35mm up to 32mm.

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