Using the 3 R’s of recycling to communicate

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Using the 3 R’s of recycling to communicate

In a moment when budgets are limited but there are plenty of cost free resources, the famous “3 R’s of Recycling” can, and should, be applied to new strategies for action, namely when we look to Web 2.0.

It is a commonly known fact that Web 2.0 is a tool with increasing importance in order to interact with the public. However, if it is not properly harnessed it can portray an image of amateurship and a deficit of attention, conferring a bad connotation to the company or brand.

Creativity doesn’t always mean one has to start from scratch. This could be a practical application of this concept to Web 2.0:

Reduce: In a web context the public is not interested in lengthy messages, on the contrary, it wants to obtain clear, coherent and direct information.  Using content that is too long may originate indifference towards the company and its products/services.

Reuse: Getting back to themes one as used before or importing a previous action to a web context will generate coherence and proximity with the public. But take notice, repeating and republishing the same contents several times a day or in consecutive days may cause discontentment, linking the company to a less than professional image and a lack of attention towards the public’s actual topics of interest.

Recycle: It is paramount not to abandon previous strategies, images and positions adopted by the organization. There are images, phrases, slogans and actions where change is unnecessary and does not make sense. Take this into account: was there a previous way of working that caused a greater positive impact with the public? Review, update and recycle in case you get to the conclusion that this will enable a greater proximity, interaction and a good relationship with your targets.

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