U’ve Got Mail: Thinking and Communicating Entrepreneurship

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U’ve Got Mail: Thinking and Communicating Entrepreneurship

By Marta Gonçalves – Say U Consulting Managing Partner

Part of the current discourse in Politics and Economy, entrepreneurship takes on varied facets as an essential solution for the challenges we are facing. Although it doesn’t act as a magical recipe to overcome all obstacles created by a multitude of conditions, the eagerness to create something new is a common trait of all professionals ambitious enough to seek wider objectives.

In this last month of the year, a moment when one can truly analyze previous results and make preparations towards a new cycle, this reflection surrounding entrepreneurship and what being an entrepreneur means receives greater attention. This is also the case when considering its impact in an organization’s management and communication output.

This is a trend that has grown considerably in the last few years in the Portuguese context, influenced by the economic situation the country is experiencing. More and more managers and new business pioneers are taking matters into their own hands, relying on an idea and the sheer will to make it succeed. These success stories want to be known and the Marketing and PR professionals are a key element in achieving this goal.

Say U was also created with this mission of consolidating original solutions capable of providing answers to the needs we encountered in the market. We acknowledge the will to take chances and we partake in the idea that this must be encouraged and supported.

By putting a focus on entrepreneurship in the projects we develop we hope to contribute to stir up creativity and courage in a context of a certain reluctance and pessimism. We believe the future will undoubtedly benefit from this generalized position and we are reminded daily of this disposition by the goals and experiences we share with our clients.

If there is one wish concerning this debate regarding entrepreneurship is that it can also be a part of your professional reflection and of your future solutions, shaping the way you Communicate and reach your audience.

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